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Low Carb Cracker Recipe Battle

Low Carb Cracker Recipes – Keto Cracker Recipe Battle!

Join us for an epic Low Carb Cracker Battle, as we search for the best keto cracker recipes on the internet! We narrow down the best lowcarb cracker recipes into 5 categories: almond flour crackers, coconut flour crackers, cheese crackers and seed crackers. Some of these recipes are gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free and even vegan. Please check out the links below for the delicious recipes we tested!


Low Carb Cheese Crackers – Cheddar Basil Bites
by Keto Connect

3 Ingredient Homemade Almond Crackers
by Eating Bird Food

Keto Fathead Crackers
by Headbanger’s Kitchen

Crispy Multiseed Keto Crackers
by Keto Diet App


  1. Hi from NZ. I make the three ingredient crackers all the time as they are quick and easy. I add different flavours ie. Parmesan and chilli, sesame and herbs. Yummy. I’ve also rolled them ultra thin and used as ‘corn’ chips, just cut them into rectangle shapes. Love your videos. Cheers Trish

  2. Oh rats, I meant triangle shapes. Cheers’

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