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Low Carb French Fry Battle

Low Carb French FryBattle! 🍟 The Best Keto French Fries Recipe

Today, we check out a few delicious, potato-like, low carb options for french fries. No longer are people on a low carb and keto diet forced to live without french fries! We test jicama, rutabagas, turnips and zucchini and let you know our take on low carb french fries.

(From USDA.GOV website.)

JICAMA (100g Raw)
8.82g Total Carbs
4.9g Fiber
3.92g Net Carbs

RUTABAGA (100g Raw)
8.62g Total Carbs
2.3g Fiber
6.32g Net Carbs

TURNIPS (100g Raw)
6.43g Total Carbs
1.8g Fiber
4.63g Net Carbs

ZUCCHINI (100g Raw)
3.11g Total Carbs
1.0g Fiber
2.11g Net Carbs


Low Carb Zucchini Fries – Gluten Free
by Low Carb Yum


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